What is Tunnel Ventilation?

No two project are alike , neither are the ventilation requirements in each phase of a project. There are differences between the ventilation required during the construction phase and operational phase. During construction, most workers can be found in the area near the face of the tunnel, which is also the area where contaminating gases are found.

If we also add that , During the construction of the tunnel , there is usually only one air inlet that oxygen from the entrance of the tunnel should circulate to the face area in optimal circumstances.

We are aware of this at SupaBizz for this reason we manufacture customized ventilation system for projects. Compiling with the most demanding technical and environmental standards and the same time , insuring maximum quality to the real needs of the each project. we poses the latest and technological advanced resources to assist us in the analysis and designed of ventilation system.

Zitron SpainTunnel Ventilation System

Zitron is a Spanish company founded in the year 1963. The company’s headquarter is in north Spain. Specializing in ventilation tunnel fans. The company has offices all around the world more than 80 countries.

Address: Autovía AS-II No.2386,Polígono Roces 33211 Gijón (Asturias

Website: www.zitron.com