A Full service

Site requirement, designer recommendations and BOQ details are sent to the manufacturer. Manufacturer recommendations are thoroughly discussed with the contractor, client and consultants. Sample of the agreed product presented. Required testing of the sample is arranged. After conforming testing results source supplier approval letter is obtained from the consultant. It is further ensured that given sample should comply with designer drawings and BOQ. After receiving source supplier approval letter and BOQ details manufacturer provide best price and delivery time.

Finished Products

We used to arrange manufacturer factory visit in order to verify finished products quality and specifications. If testing of the product is required from International laboratory, we arrange. Otherwise in house testing facility of the manufacturer is utilized. Shipment of products is done and tracking details are given to the consultant, contractor and client.


After custom clearance product delivery of goods at site is arranged. Custom clearing documents are handed over to the contractor. It is always recommended that keeping in view requirement of the site and product installation procedure, placing order, inspection and transit time (voyage, by air) should be well understood and conveyed to the manufacturer.


We used to install our products by the manufacturer certified installation team or under the supervision of manufacturer. We provide 10 years working life warranty of our product and conduct periodic maintenance and inspection of the installation during the warranty period.