Enka Solutions

Enka Solutions is a Low and Bonar premium product brand of high-performance geosynthetics, such as woven and non-woven geotextiles and composites,
which offers multiple solutions for civil engineering and building projects.
Enka solutions are smart solutions that are achieved with open 3D mats and composite structures. We have a range of products manufactured with proprietary
technologies contributing to the long-term success of our customers, we help our customers deliver quicker, easier, more durable, and economically enabling
them to build a safe and more sustainable world. We strive to combine minimum environmental footprint and maximum handprint in all our solutions. Customer
centricity is at the core of all our actions.

Over 50 years of Market-leading innovation:

Enka Solution took off in the late 1960s with the invention of the unique 3D structured mat of continuous polymeric filaments that fuse where they cross, which is so typical for many Enka Solutions products across the globe even today. Using our proprietary technologies we have expanded that technical possibilities and grown both our knowledge and portfolio to serve customers in the most diverse technical markets, with finished and semi-finished products, that are applied everywhere around us.

Applications supported by Enka Solutions. Discover the Enka Technology.

Featured Solution:

Who do we help?

Amongst our global customers are engineers, project owners, and construction companies from buildings, Civil engineering, and construction markets as well as industries such as composites and filtration. For Civil engineering or building projects, our experts deliver support from the design and specification phases up to the actual installation with clear guidelines. Together with our customers, we continue to develop new products addressing new challenges. We believe in the strength of collaboration and long-term partnership with our customers and want to be in close contact.

Enka Excellence Centre:

Once applied, our products are often invisible. Yet they are essential. Enka Solutions can be found in rail & road infrastructure, and environmental infrastructure such as landfills, green roofs, or sports fields. In industrial applications, they are used as effective flow media or as elements in filtration systems. Within these areas, Enka Solutions fulfills various functions that contribute to the longevity of the projects or products in which they are applied.

Our Locations:

The Enka Solutions range is manufactured in Germany, the Netherlands, and the USA, with Research and Development Centers on both continents. Our Enka Solutions Sales Offices are located in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Hungary, the US, and China. Enka Solutions is a brand of Low & Bonar, a company of Freudenberg Performance Materials.

SUPABIZZ is the sole representative of Enka Solutions Netherlands in Pakistan. Low and Bonar is a global leader in high- erformance geosynthetics, selling in more than 60 countries worldwide with our manufacturing facility in Germany, North America, and the Netherlands. We design and manufacture components that add value to, and improve the performance of, our customer’s products by engineering a wide range of polymers using our manufacturing technologies to create yarn, fibers, industrial and coated fabrics, and composite materials. Our materials contribute to a more sustainable world and a higher quality of life. They help to make construction sites safer, reduce carbon footprint, reduce total cost of ownership, safely manage environmental waste, promote cleaner air and water, support higher crop production, and create beautiful working and leisure environments.

The retaining wall is made with Enka pro uniaxial laser welded geogrid.

Enkamat is a 3D erosion control mat made of PA polyamide ( nylon) and has a 100-year guarantee for permanent erosion control and allows vegetation on the soil.

Earth stability is done with Enka Max Biaxial laser welded geogrid used in roads, railway tracks, airports, and playgrounds.

Water seepage is controlled with Enka drain products. Restrict water on a permanent path.


Generic name MSE
(Mechanically stabilized earth ) is used. It is a contractor who gets approval for Enka products and installation.