We on behalf of Etic Aevia Eiffage France would like to divert your kind attention on seismic equipment’s being made at Eiffage Houdan factory. Who has more than 30 years experience of structure protection (Both new and old structures ). As you know Northern and Western sections of Pakistan are more sensitive to earthquake activity than the other sections because they are surrounded by the micro plates of Afghanistan , Iranian and Indian plates.
We provide you a complete solution and will suggest you to share us your current and future building and bridges designs for recommendation on seismic protection . Please find herewith an introductory brusher . We will wait for your specific inquiry .


Eiffage is a French based company that manufactures aluminum expansion joints. Absorb stresses from vertical and horizontal loads. Accommodates rotations and horizontal displacements.Accommodate movements due to variations in temperature, creep or shrinkage High durability

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Seismic or human activity loadings impact dynamic response of civil engineering structures. Ævia designs and manufactures overall protection solutions by combining effective technological solutions and intelligent assembly methodologies to protect structures against these disturbances.

As localized failure of a structural element is most generally caused by an inadequate response of the overall structure, it is important to conceive adapted, comprehensive solutions, it is important to conceive adapted, comprehensive solutions to control displacement and forces in the structure.

Ævia is one of the rare specialists in the design, supply and installation of equipment dedicated to dynamic connection.