What is an Expansion Joint of the aqueduct?

Bridge expansion joints are structural components used in bridge construction to allow for the expansion and contraction of bridge components due to temperature variations, seismic activity, and other factors. These joints are installed between adjacent segments of the bridge deck or between the bridge deck and its supporting structure.
Expansion joints serve several important functions:
1. Accommodate Thermal Movements: Bridge materials expand and contract with changes in temperature. Expansion joints provide a gap between bridge segments to accommodate these thermal movements, preventing the buildup of stress that could lead to structural damage.
2. Absorb Seismic Movements: In seismic-prone areas, expansion joints help absorb the horizontal movements caused by seismic activity, reducing the risk of damage to the bridge structure.
3. Seal Against Water and Debris: Expansion joints often include seals or gaskets to prevent water, debris, and other contaminants from infiltrating the gap between bridge segments. This helps protect the bridge’s substructure and prolong its lifespan.
4. Provide Smooth Riding Surface: Expansion joints are designed to maintain a smooth riding surface for vehicles crossing the bridge, minimizing discomfort and wear on vehicles and improving safety.
Expansion joints come in various types, including modular expansion joints, finger joints, strip seals, and elastomeric joints, each suited to different bridge configurations and requirements. The selection of the appropriate expansion joint depends on factors such as bridge design, expected movements, and environmental conditions.

Arsan Kaucuk Turkey

SEM, MODULAR, Strip steal, Multiflex, Expansion Joints

Bridge expansion joints are engineered to accommodate the longitudinal, vertical, and slight rotational movements experienced on bridge decks due to variations in environmental conditions, live loads, and structural material changes such as creep and shrinkage. SEM expansion joints are specifically designed to effectively fill joints and gaps, capable of absorbing expansion movements of up to 800 mm. Crafted from high-quality rubber and featuring a specialized design, they ensure long-term resistance to oils, fuel, UV radiation, ozone, and various chemicals. Arsan has meticulously designed and developed SEM expansion joints using engineering software. The selection of the appropriate expansion joint type for a particular project is typically based on the maximum joint opening.

Address: Serifali Mahallesi Barbaros Cad. Söyleşi Sok. Maysa Plaza No. 15/2 Floor
1 34775 Umraniye-Istanbul Turkey

Website: www.arsankaucuk.com.tr


DSL Korea

SEM, MODULAR, Strip steal, Multiflex, Expansion Joints

Its establishment as Dongseo Chemical in 1977, DSL has been striving to continuously develop technology and provide the best products to customers.

Address: 11, Baekbeom-ro 934beon-gil, Seo-gu, Incheon, Korea 404-812

Website: www.ds-e.koreasme.com


Eiffage / Etic

Miska Type, Finger , Strip Seal, Rail Joints, Etipark, Alloy Aluminum, Expansion Joints

Eiffage stands out as a premier construction and concessions firm in Europe, boasting a robust presence both domestically and internationally. With a revenue of €21.8 billion in 2023, the company demonstrates its significant impact on the construction industry.
Comprising a workforce of 78,200 individuals, Eiffage operates across diverse sectors including construction, property development, urban planning, civil engineering, metalwork, road infrastructure, energy systems, and concessions. Eiffage Génie Civil has launched the Ævia brand. Aevia manufactures Aluminium- Alloy Expansion Joints for Bridges.


Interbuna SL.Spain

Strip Seal, Multiflex, Transflex Expansion Joints uptill 330mm Movment

Interbuna has 60 years of experience in the sector. Six decades of growth, knowledge, and development, which today become a reality in its facilities near Madrid. More than 7,500 m2 in which Interbuna manufactures and distributes its rubber processes with its own technology and expert team that guarantee the quality, reliability, and durability desired.

Address: Interbuna Calle Orense 68 Madrid

Website: www.interbuna.com

Wanbao Jiangsu China

Wanbao Jiangsu Bridge Component Company Ltd Manufacture All Products Used in Bridge

For 70 years, Watson Bowman Acme (WBA) has proudly led the industry in the manufacture and design of expansion joint systems to meet the unique demands of projects across the globe. We strive to provide solutions that will best fit your needs and relieve the stresses of your project. Wanbao Jiangsu is a subsidiary manufacturer of (WBA).

Address: 88#, Tonggang Road, Haian Country, Nantong, Jiangsu, China Nanjing, Jiangsu

Website: www.cswanbao.com


Ilwontech Co., Ltd, Manufacture All Products Used in Bridge

lwontech Co., Ltd, established in February 15, 1999, had been a professional building construction and safety inspection institution for the maintenance of facilities doing repair and reinforcement work along with safety inspection. Consequently, we have researched the construction of bridge expansion joints based on the knowledge that we have gained through the experience that we have gained through building various bridges. We have finally developed an expansion joint that does not affect the body of the bridge and is extremely easy to repair when required. Personally have parents on these systems. Came to be working hard to produce better products and will do our best to produce the best products to meet our customers’ needs

Address: Rm.505, Hyun-hae Plaza,105 Sang-dong Rd, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon City, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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